Dermatological solution for babies and children skin

BIODERMA has used its dermatological expertise to benefit paediatrics by offering an extra safe and extra gentle hygiene range for babies. All products are specifically formulated in accordance with the ABCDerm Dermatological Safety Commitment to respect the delicate skin of babies and young children.

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ABCDerm H2O Cleansing Micellar Water

Micellar water. High cleansing power, ultra-softness. Pediatric dermatological safety
- Gently cleanses
- Soothes
- Bottom, face, eyes and hands
- Respects the skin balance

1L / 33.8 fl.oz.

ABCDerm H2O Wipes

Cleansing water that respects the fragility of sensitive skin in ultra-practical wipes
- Gently cleanses
- Soothes
- Bottom, face, eyes and hands


ABCDerm Foaming Gel

A gentle, soap-free cleansing gel that respects the delicate skin of babies
- Gently cleanses
- Face, body and hair

1L / 33.8 fl.oz.

ABCDerm Cleansing Cold Cream

The 1st cold-cream treatment step from the bath
- Leaves skin perfectly hydrated
- Immediate comfort
- Respects the skin’s balance

1L / 33.8 fl.oz.

ABCDerm Cold Cream Face Body

Face and body cream that instantly hydrates your baby's delicate dry skin
- Nourishes and softens
- Protects the skin
- Soothes feelings of discomfort

45ml / 1.5 fl.oz.

ABCDerm Moisturizing Milk

Light moisturizing care that softens and protects delicate skin from feelings of dryness and discomfort
- Face and body
- Softens
- Non-greasy

200ml / 6.7 fl.oz.