About Forcell USA, Inc.

Sourcing, Launching & Marketing

We supply cosmetic and personal care products to pharmacies, beauty retailers, grocery stores and small retail outlets.

In 1994, We Started Out as a Privately Owned Small Business.

The core of my business was supplying cosmetic and personal care products to pharmacies, beauty retailers, grocery stores and small retail outlets. Since, we have grown rapidly to 7 Logistic warehouses over the US , with our main headquarters office and warehouse located in Chino, California. Forcell USA is known for being the forerunner in sourcing, marketing and distributing substantial products to the various classes of trade. In the USA, we are well established with a highly professional sales, marketing, warehousing ,and distributing operation. We are continuously sourcing products, which we believe have the potential to impact the US markets. We have all the necessary experience, knowledge and capital to ensure the success of our retail outlets.

ForcellUSA’s continued success is based on our professional teams knowledge of all markets, the ability to add value to leading brands, and our valued clients seeing us increase the value of their brand as well as trusting us as genuine partners. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to building strong working relationships with our suppliers and end retailers. With our expertise the sky is the limit for your brand.

“Well done is better than well said.”

CEO Michael Kim


We increase the awareness of the existing brands and accommodate the strategic potential retailers.


We spot the developing niche markets, and assist the suppliers and our clients to utilize the opportunities.


We have the professional expertise to assist our clients and the capital of Forcell USA will secure the success.

Our Clients

Independent retail pharmacies, beauty stores, grocery stores, and other mini-retailers are some of our valued clients.

Our Warehouses

We offer warehousing for distribution and sourcing the brands from all over the world to serve in US.

Our Supply Chains

Our 7 logistic warehouses are in Compton, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, and Houston, with our headquarters nestled in Chino, CA.

We deliver to roughly 2500+ retail stores in the US weekly.


Our Sales & Marketing Strategy

We focus on building the awareness of the brand.

Our creative and knowledgeable teams work hard and are always learning new techniques to build your brands awareness.

There are many ways to achieve this goal, a few examples are:
*Through distribution
*Listings in the retail trade
*Maximizing in-store opportunities
*Range dependent above-the-line and below-the-line seasonal specials

Here at Forcell USA, we know first-hand every product is important and unique. That is why our highly trained team will customize a strategy for your individual product.

Our Order Process

You choose brand.

We assess your needs & provide a quote.

Once payment is received, we process to ship.

We ship your order.

You get tracking number to confirm shipping & products arrive safely.

ForcellUSA Order Process

Our Procedure & Protocols for Launching a New Brand

Our Procedure & Protocols for Launching a New Brand

Our Organization