The Rosebud Perfume Company

The Rosebud Perfume Company was founded by Dr. George F. Smith, in 1892. The business began as a small drug store, then moved across the street to occupy a large brick building (formerly a hotel) that has since become known as The Rosebud Building. Realizing the tremendous popularity of Rosebud Salve, Dr. Smith began to advertise in tabloids and within a few years had a thriving mail-order business that continues today into the Internet Era.

Currently, we are shipping to almost every country in the world, with distribution centers in Europe, China, South Korea, Norway and Singapore. We have a long term relationship with numerous loyal companies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, P.R. China, Taiwan, and The Philippines.

Our flagship product, Smith’s Rosebud Salve, remains our best selling product to date.

1. Original Dr. G.F. Smith Drugstore in Woodsboro, MD circa 1895
2. The Original Tin for the product
3. Rosebud Building in Woodsboro, MD circa 1970

An Iconic Brand for Over 100 Years

Rosebud Perfume Company, Inc. has been able to stay relevant because our products have been ‘old standbys’ throughout the 100+ years we have been in business.

We strive to compete by developing new flavors and vintage packaging to match our iconic blends.

In addition to our Original Salve, created in 1892, we now have 7 various flavors, each formulated with a unique blend of essential oils, botanicals and other healing ingredients.

We are commonly found in handbags of celebrities, selected as ‘top pick’ beauty buys, and featured as a beauty staple.