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The best chamomile ever!

Proven and Good

The hand-care brand that has been the best-selling for years is more current than ever: Now with organic chamomile, vegan recipe and natural plant ingredients.






Kamill Earlier and Today

Kamill is one of the brand classics in Germany. For more than 50 years, users have trusted the soothing hand cream, which has always been based on a recipe with natural chamomile.

Since then, the brand has repeatedly adapted to the requirements of the market and has always remained true to itself. It was and is always trendy and current. The fashion trends of the respective epoch can be easily read from the packaging designs. Kamill doesn’t just trust consumers in Germany. In all parts of the world Kamill is represented and in demand as a natural hand care.

The Healing Effects of Chamomile

A proven home remedy with a long tradition
Chamomile is one of the best-known native plants and is traditionally used as a natural care and remedy. If you look at the golden-yellow flower heads of the chamomile, you can see with a little imagination a bright sun. The Teutons therefore dedicated the chamomile to the god of light Baldur, expressing their appreciation for the excellent healing properties.

This medicinal effect is medically proven. The ingredients of the chamomile flowers have various effects: They prevent the action of inflammation-promoting substances in the body, they inhibit the growth of bacteria, they relax, soothe and promote wound healing.

Honest, reliable, sustainable care products

The Kamill product concept ``100% natural``

Consumers demand unpolluted, natural ingredients, sustainable product concepts, the highest quality and care products for every application. Kamill has always offered contemporary products and, where possible, relies on the use of renewable raw materials.

Kamill only uses certified organic chamomile from controlled cultivation. This means environmentally friendly agricultural production and a product that is low in pollutants, because organic cultivation dispenses with synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilizers and genetic engineering.

Kamill hand creams do not use products of animal origin because they are traditional and basically vegan * at all stages of production and processing. The hand cream formulations contain no animal ingredients, no ingredients of animal origin, such as milk, honey or animal fats. Kamill hand creams are developed in Germany and are tested for dermatological safety in accordance with EU legislation without animal testing on the finished product.
* according to the results of the 12th Conference of Ministers of Consumer Protection (April 22, 2016) or the requirements profile of the Vegan Society

For the Kamill brand, sustainability means, among other things, making strategic decisions wisely, also with a view to future generations. This takes place in a field of tension that is characterized by careful use of the environment, economical use of resources and social responsibility. Our world is of course beautiful – and it should stay that way!

Natural + attractive + contemporary!

The best camomile ever!

Kamill is the traditional, effective and uncomplicated hand care. And Kamill recipes are more up-to-date than ever, because they are carefully developed and produced in an environmentally friendly manner:
  • without dyes, mineral oils, parabens, PEG emulsifiers, paraffins
  • without animal ingredients
  • developed without animal testing
  • with organic chamomile from controlled cultivation
  • with vegan recipe and natural plant ingredients
  • developed in Germany


Hand Washing Paste Classic
  • Tuppix HAND WASHING PASTE with caring glycerin contains only high-quality washing raw materials and natural, skin-friendly rubbing agents.
  • With natural rubbing agents.
  • Cleanses heavily soiled hands pore-deep without overly straining the skin.
  • For daily use in workshops, trade and industry.
  • Without microplastic.
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed