Zuvi Halo

Take your Hair Care Out of the Dark Ages.

The working principle for hair dryers hasn’t changed since the 1800s, and most your daily devices are similarly left in the tech dark ages.

Hair dryer, meet the power of Spatial Light Modulation. Turning the sun’s natural rays into energy that dries your hair. It’s fast, comfortable to use and better for your hair. Forget the cord and enter the future with Zuvi Halo.

What is Spatial Light Modulation?

While we often call it light energy, our heat is actually generated by a much more complicated, proprietary technology called Wide Spectrum Spatial Light Modulation (W.S.S.M.L or Spatial Light Modulation in short). W.S.S.M.L emits a similar spectrum of light as an early sunrise to accelerate evaporation, instead of using extremely hot air. And just like the sun, the air (or “space”) in between isn’t heated, but instead just water.

By tuning the system to target the evaporation of water molecules specifically, Zuvi Halo is 5x more energy efficient than traditional hair dryers (290W vs 1600W+). Additionally, since we no longer heat the surrounding air, this system helps retain the natural moisture in your hair for healthier, smoother, more natural finish.

Inspired by the Sun

For Nature. From Nature.

Studying the natural world to reduce carbon emissions

The Zuvi Halo replicates the sun’s natural rays so you can ditch the hair damage for a fast, comfortable and healthy routine.

All while filtering out the bad stuff to get all the benefits of a nature-based process without the negatives.

Our patented light energy heating system eliminates the need for extreme heat, leading to healthier hair and a 60-80% reduction in energy use.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

Innovations by Zuvi cut your carbon emissions while letting you live a modern, luxurious life by being 5x more energy efficient.

This means just through regular use of Zuvi Halo, the amount consumers cut their carbon emissions by is equivalent to planting 1-2 trees. If everyone used Zuvi, the energy savings would be like taking 12 million cars off the road.

Company Behind the Tech.

This is supported by Zuvi’s unique, patented heating mechanism and self-owned factory.

Zuvi was founded by former VP of R&D at DJI, Mingyu Wang, and brings together top talent to introduce new, nature-based technologies that improve everyday life while lessening humanity’s impact on the environment.


Full Speed, Low Heat

Cooler, Healthier Dry to Enhance Your Shine
  • 38% shinier
  • 17% smoother
  • 9% stronger
  • 2x more internal moisture
  • Hair dye retained 57% longer

All metrics are tested at the Zuvi Hair Lab, and validated by SGS, world’s leading testing & certification company.

Retains Your Natural Moisture

Zuvi Halo’s precise drying system whisks away water outside your hair while leaving your hair intact and healthy. This means less frizz and a shinier head of hair. Even hair dye lasts nearly 2x longer than with a traditional hair dryer.



Lasting Hair Dye

No More Damaged Hair

We have gone back to the basic principles of science and nature to create a technology that dries your hair using the same process as taking a walk outside, but at an accelerated scale. While this is complicated technology, the result is a hair routine that is simple, comfortable, freeing and better for your hair.

Truly No Extreme Heat

While other hair dryers may claim to not use extreme heat, in reality they use more energy than a microwave to fry your hair, your scalp and the surrounding air. Zuvi Halo ditches the heat by generating light that evaporates water directly, leading to a cooler, more comfortable drying process.

Your Old Hair Dryer

Zuvi Halo

Drying your hair with the Zuvi Halo heats your head to roughly 98°F while a traditional hair dryer will take your hair and scalp to over 150°F.

The Science Behind Natural Water Retention

The extreme heat environment of a traditional hair dryer doesn’t just leave your head dry, but it also saps the internal moisture from your hair and scalp. This causes frizz, burnt or split ends and overall unhealthy hair.

Zuvi Halo does away with the damage by only removing water outside your hair and leaving the rest healthy and intact.

Your Old Hair Dryer

Zuvi Halo

At the Macro Scale

This means your hair will retain 70% more internal moisture than the next hair dryer on the market. This leads to hair that is less brittle, shinier and smoother.

In effect, this is the same outcome as if you were to dry your hair in the most natural way possible – directly under sun light. Just at a much faster pace.

Your Old Hair Dryer

Zuvi Halo

Zuvi Halo

Hair Dryer

Ultra-fast, ultra-light and better for your hair. Ready for any hair type.


The Zuvi Halo replicates the sun’s natural rays so you can ditch the hair damage for a fast, comfortable and healthy routine.

All while filtering out the bad stuff to get all the benefits of a nature-based process without the negatives.


Includes three styling attachments. Connect magnetically. Faster than most hair dryers on the market.


Hair retains 70% more internal moisture


Makes your hair 17% smoother after use


Hair is healthier and 9% stronger


10% shinier hair, hair dye lasts 90% longer

Child Care

Move away from the outlet. Softer dry.
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Zuvi Halo

Introducing Zuvi Halo Cordless Hair Dryer

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