Hair Dryer

Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Light
& Powered by LightCare™

Meet LightCare™

A new, nature-based technology that uses natural light and wind for a superfast dry.


Directly evaporates water on the surface of hair


No heat damage and locks in moisture within each strand


Rapid drying with high-speed, natural wind flow


Safe light energy does not hurt eyes or skin

How LightCare™ Works

Unlike traditional hair dryers that use extreme heat, Zuvi Halo uses light energy to quickly dry the water on the surface of your hair, while leaving the inside hydrated and healthy.

Full speed, low heat

With LightCare™, Zuvi Halo is able to dry your hair at lower temperatures and – unlike your old hair dryer – doesn’t dry out the inside of your hair to cause lasting damage.

Your Look, at Your Command

Zuvi Halo comes packed with five modes to fit any purpose. Whether that be for locking your locks or keeping your cool.

Reengineered. Redesigned. Remastered.

Zuvi Hair Lab

Engineered for a new era of hair care. Tested for optimal results.

Sleeker and smoother

Who doesn't love running their hand through a beautiful head of hair? You will be doing that more often with Zuvi as its cooler dry keeps cuticles laying flat and eliminates frizz.

Simply stronger hair

With Zuvi Halo, your fortified, hydrated hair is just plain stronger. So much so that it can even lift weights longer. Call it a hair press.

Retains color and dyes

Keep your look longer as Zuvi Halo ditches the extreme baking that fades color and embrace the light.
Zuvi Halo

Hair Dryer

Ultra-fast, ultra-light and better for your hair. Ready for any hair type.


The Zuvi Halo replicates the sun’s natural rays so you can ditch the hair damage for a fast, comfortable and healthy routine.

All while filtering out the bad stuff to get all the benefits of a nature-based process without the negatives.


Includes three styling attachments. Connect magnetically. Faster than most hair dryers on the market.


Hair retains 70% more internal moisture


Makes your hair 17% smoother after use


Hair is healthier and 9% stronger


10% shinier hair, hair dye lasts 90% longer

Child Care

Move away from the outlet. Softer dry.

Zuvi Hair Videos

Meet Zuvi Halo

Unboxing Zuvi Halo

Various Drying Modes