The Last Coat® products leave any surface looking polished, protected, and silky smooth

About the grassroots of our company. Bootstrapped and built on a true American foundation of hard work ethic, a quality product line, and providing exceptional customer service to every customer we serve.

We started out as a small, garage operation. A two-man show at first, then with help from friends and family, manually filling bottles with a funnel and a weight scale, as some of our earliest photos.

In a short amount of time, we’ve outgrown our two-man, garage operation. Which is great, but we always remember where we came from and what helped us from the start.

You see, although The Last Coat (TLC) is a fairly fresh brand in the long-established industry of car care products, we’re originally DIY’ers and car enthusiasts and have been for several years. And like you, we’ve always been “do-it-yourself” types.

Our first and most popular product, known across the world as “TLC”, is actually a formula we have used and customized internally for quite some time. We developed the “secret sauce” so to speak, and we were just happy using it on client cars. (exotics, luxury cars, and of course a lot of daily drivers).

We were getting great results with it. So much so that we thought “ya know, I bet people all over would dig this stuff.” And well, the rest is history… through a lot of hard work, gumption, and just figuring things out.

We’re different in that, we know what it’s like starting from the ground up. We’re still DIY’ers and car enthusiasts ourselves. We’re still in the field testing, tweaking, and perfecting our product. Still improving our products.

We made a promise to ourselves, and we make that promise to every customer we serve. And that promise is to always hold our product quality and customer service to the highest standard. Our mission is so that every customer that has purchased one of our products feels they had a great experience from start to finish, with every touch point of our company.

Nick & Chad – Team TLC

How is The Last Coat® different from the other popular brands?

The Last Coat looks to accomplish what other sealants and protectants do, but in a very different way. For one, there is no oil in The Last Coat as there is in some of the most popular brands out there. This means there is no streaking and no residue. This also means no messy and oily bottles. In side-by-side tests which can be seen on Youtube vs. one particular popular brand, The Last Coat demonstrated superior water-repelling properties as well. The Last Coat is very different in that it is a nanotech mesh ceramic-based product, so it creates a protective “shell” of sorts via technology similar to a professionally installed 9H ceramic coating but not quite as hard, which is why it can be sprayed on, wiped off, etc.

The new upgraded version of The Last Coat is also the most durable and chemical resistant all in one product on the market today. It cures enough within 5-7 minutes to drive out into the elements right away and also take some chemical attacks. After 24 hours, it is extremely chemical resistant across a whole pH range of chemicals.

The Last Coat is a newer technology as well, it is a blend of ceramic particles and SiO2 along with some proprietary ingredients in a very tight mesh blend that allows it to bond to the surface tighter than any all in one, DIY product today.

What's the Science Behind TLC2 That Makes it So Different?

The science behind our upgraded version of The Last Coat is very unique in the industry. There are lots of durable products, but the challenge was finding the formula that allowed the same versatility and ease of use as our original formula, but with much stronger durability and hardness.

We’ve taken the best properties of true ceramic coating products along with our original formulation, and combined them into a microemulsion formula.

All this means is that the “mesh knitting” of the formula is so tight that once bonded and fully cured, it makes it much more difficult for chemicals and road debris to get in and “uproot” the coating.

It has a mild positive charge which means it adheres to all surfaces including bare metal surfaces. It is more likely to repel dust than before. You also benefit from a lowered surface tension to bead water (so tighter beads and less chance for serious baked in water spots).



Shake Well and
Spray Lightly



Spread Using a
Microfiber Towel



Buff to a
High Gloss Shine!