All of our chemicals are produced and bottled in the USA!

Liquid X is a family owned business out of Southern California. By spending more than 30 years in the auto paint and body industry, we have been able to test hundreds of different products, which has enabled us to create better formulas than ever before. All of our chemicals, tools and accessories have been meticulously designed to leave you 100% satisfied.

Here at Liquid X, blending in with the competition isn’t good enough. You can trust that we hold ourselves to a higher standard and nothing reaches the market until it’s perfect. Our products will not only make your car’s finish shinier than you ever thought possible, but it will also replenish and restore your surfaces from the damaging effects of our harsh environment.

You can feel confident when using all of our Liquid X products that we have gone far and above to bring you the best and safest products available, whether it’s a simple applicator pad or our world class Detail Spray. We find pride in our work, as we do our country. We support and donate to the Wounded Warrior Project and continue to keep our products local.

What Makes Us Different?

For the last 30 years we have worked in the paint correction industry so we know what it takes to get your car back to its original finish. We’re not trying to oversell you on needing hundreds of products to get great results. Instead, we’ve combined the best formulas so you can achieve those same results in less time.


Each of our base chemicals is color-coded to match with the tools you use the most. For example, our Better Butter Wax is matched with both our wax applicator and microfiber towel that is used to buff off remaining product. The Car Shampoo is matched with our essential everyday wash mitt. We’ve decided to create a color coded system to help eliminate cross-contamination and unwanted damage. The last thing you want to do is reuse a towel or applicator that has already been used and is full of dirt, potentially leading to scratches. All of our color-matched combinations are titled as “Classic Combos.”

Liquid-X Interior Products

Liquid X offers the best detailing products for all of your interior detail needs. Great for RV, boat, motorcycle, and automotive detailing, our products will leave your car looking like new. From our leather care to our interior detail, your vehicles interior will be left looking spotless.

Liquid-X Exterior Products

Liquid X has everything you need to give your vehicles exterior a just waxed, polished finish. With our top of the line selection of Car Shampoo, V.R.P dressing, Detail Spray, Wheel Cleaner, and Premium Waxes you too can achieve a professional detail job at home. Liquid X’s exterior care provides easy to use products for every application on any type of paint finish. Combine your favorite spray, wax, cleaner, or dressing with our variety of detailing accessories including wash mitts, foam applicators, wheel brushes, and microfiber towels.


With our foam gun and Car Wash Shampoo you will enjoy washing your car more than ever! Pair with our wash bucket, grit guard, gamma seal lids, wash pads, and other tools and accessories. Our premium shampoo doubles as a foam wash that will leave you with a waxy, high-gloss finish.


Give your vehicle a superior waxing treatment with our Liquid X Butter Wax that rivals other wet waxes on the market. Buff product in with our pro grip hex applicator pads and finish with our super plush waxing towels for a mirror-like finish. We guarantee all of our towels recommended for buffing out wax are scratch-free and lint-free.


Liquid X offers upgraded options for your wheel and tire care. Our Wheel Cleaner is safe for all wheel finishes, yet removes tough brake dust, grease, and grime. For extra cleaning power use our Wheel Woolies to get into hard to reach areas without harming your chrome, painted, or custom wheels.


Liquid X Premium Car Care Polishing Products have been meticulously tested and crafted to perfection. Each polishing compound is simple enough for amateur detailers, yet offers dramatic results to wow even the most experienced professional detailer. Use our cutting compounds and finishing polishes with our 21MM Dual Action Polisher for results that will outmatch the competition. Our easy-to-use paint restoration system will remove haze, swirls and scratches to unveil paint that looks like new again. With our color coded system, anyone can achieve the results of a professional paint correction at home.

Liquid-X Product Accessories

Liquid X offers only the highest quality tools and accessories needed for your detailing jobs. Whether you need soft microfiber applicators, or unique foam dressing applicators, you can find everything you need to apply product. We also carry various brushes and towels for thorough cleaning.


Our tools and applicators have been designed to pair perfectly with each Liquid X detailing product. Special color-coded applicators and towels help keep you organized for more efficient detailing. From interior brushes, wheel woolies, dura foam applicators, and bucket accessories Liquid X tools will always exceed your expectations.


Liquid X offers the highest quality, super plush microfiber towels for any wax, detail, clean, or wash. Choose from our silk lined premium waffle weaves, polishing towels, drying towels and all around multi-purpose towels. Whether you need to dry your RV, truck, motorcycle, boat, or automobile our towels come in a variety of sizes and piles to suit any job. With most of our towels made with 70/30 microfiber and silk edges you will always be left with a scratch free and lint free finish.


Liquid X has everything you need from Bucket Dollies, the Original Grit Guard or the Official Gamma Seal Lid to make sure your detailing is at the top of its game.