40 years of success, cutting-edge advances in anti-aging formulas, and powerful active ingredients.

1975, From the medical cabinet to the cosmetic lab
Since its inception in 1975 Laboratories LIERAC builds on the latest discoveries in advanced medicine and adapts them to cosmetics to offer women highly efficient treatments to correct aesthetic disorders that naturally appear with time on the face and body Avant Garde dermo cosmetics into which Laboratories LIERAC instils an assertive femininity Sensory textures, voluptuous scents, elegant presentations, a French style chic that makes each product a true pleasure for the senses and enables women to empower their beauty without having to choose between efficiency and pleasure


A combination of medical expertise and femininity


A pioneer of aesthetic medicine in France, as well as a founding member of the French Society for Aesthetic Medicine and the first center for treating cellulite, Prof Léon Cariel was also the creator of Laboratories LIERAC Since founding the brand in 1975 his constant goal was to adapt the latest medical innovations to cosmetics to target skin issues and provide a solution.


Considering that advanced medical research opens the pathway to the future of dermo cosmetics Laboratories LIERAC has established numerous partnerships with the world’s leading scientific research institutions to develop products as “beauty medicines”


Laboratories LIERAC has acquired unique expertise of the skin, enabling it to identify and fully understand the cutaneous physiological mechanisms involved in aging as well as skin disorders This knowledge has enabled developing the most Avant grade and effective treatments to target the source of aesthetic skin disorders.


Formulas composed with 85% natural origin ingredients on average.

The quest for effectiveness guides each step, from research to formulation of treatments, by way of the discovery of active ingredients Thanks to active textures, results are immediate Targeted treatments enable long lasting correction of unsightly marks that appear on the face and body over time.
Treatment effectiveness is clinically proven by tests carried out under dermatological supervision and maximized by dermo aesthetic routines* Because Laboratories LIERAC is adamant about product quality and innocuousness, all treatments are created following an ethical formulation charter.

Inspiration from the latest medical research

Active ingredients from the best of science and nature

Formulas concentrated in targeted active ingredients

Active textures with immediate effectiveness

Ethical formulation charter


An Essential Organ

The skin is a vital organ with complex functions and an equally complex structure.


The skin consists of 3 layers:


The epidermis is the skin’s outermost layer, the part that is in contact with the outside world It plays an essential role as a protective barrier It influences hydration, color and cutaneous thickness The main cells found in the epidermis are:

  • – Keratinocytes Formed in the deepest layer of the epidermis (called the basal layer), these cells migrate to the skin surface and are regularly renewed They are filled with keratin and lipids During migration, these cells gradually flatten and die on the skin surface There, they form the stratum corneum, a semi permeable shield.
  • – Melanocytes Under the effect of ultraviolet rays or free radicals, these cells produce melanin, the pigment that is responsible for tanning and skin color Melanin is transferred to the keratinocytes in the melanosomes and rises to the skin surface.


The dermis is the second skin layer It plays an essential role in cutaneous “ and acts as a water reservoir It conditions the appearance of visible signs of aging (loss of firmness and density), the healing process and the nutrition of the epidermis.

The main cells of the dermis are the fibroblasts capable of synthesizing the collagen, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid that give the skin its resilience and elasticity The dermis contains numerous blood vessels that deliver nutrition to the epidermis The dermis also contains specific nerve endings that are sensitive to touch, pain and temperature, thus providing protection and the repair of damaged tissues The dermis consists primarily of a protein called collagen, which produces scar tissue to repair cuts and scratches


The hypodermis is the deepest layer of the skin It plays an essential role as a protective “ This adipose layer that absorbs pressure applied to the skin protects the body against temperature variations and conditions skin volume, as well as the appearance of cellulite The main hypodermal cells are the adipocytes which produce, store and burn fat The hypodermis contains many blood vessels and is found mainly in the parts of the body that are subjected to the greatest impact (heels).


An Overall Treatment for Beauty

More than 97% Natural-Origin Ingredients