Herbacin – A European tradition

One of the oldest natural cosmetic brands in Germany – heritage and tradition combined with ground-breaking trends – resulted in a product line that has stood the test of time. This German family-run company began as an idea when, in 1900, two pharmacists living in the idyllic area of Thuringia had a brilliant thought: “to create a new personal care formula inspired from the heart of nature.” Little did they know that this would result in a global beauty success story.

Pharmacists Otto and Hedwig König officially founded Herbacin in Eisenach, Germany in 1905 and very early on created a distinctive brand image that is still the foundation of Herbacin today. It pays homage to the close proximity of deep green forests and flowering meadows where the popular brand had its roots.

Long before natural cosmetics became popular, Herbacin products were known and sought after for their quality and efficacy. Now the brand has grown to become a complete natural face, body and hair care program, with all the products researched, developed, and produced at Herbacin’s own production facilities and research labs in Germany.

“Made In Germany” Still Stands For Quality
And with good reason. We use carefully selected, natural, organically cultivated ingredients that are kind to your skin. In addition, we develop and produce locally in Wutha-Farnroda, in the heart of a nature reserve in beautiful Thuringia, which is a lovely place to visit. In our Herbacin corporate stores in Eisenach and Erfurt you will find not only our Herbacin kamille heritage products, but the whole variety of our Herbacin range. We look forward to welcoming you.

Herbacin kamille – Traditional Care

All-Around Skin Protection – All Day, Every Day.

One of our globally most popular, gentle-acting skin care lines is also our first – Herbacin kamille. It originated from its natural roots in the nature reserve near Hörsel in Thuringia and took its inspiration not only from the deep green forests and flowering meadows, but Herbacin’s own biodynamic herb cultivation. This close connection to nature culminated in the familiar and distinct Herbacin kamille brand image. Herbacin kamille products, created especially for busy modern living, have become the perfect all-around everyday protection for skin, hands and nails for both women and men around the world.

A.M & P.M “Triple” Action
Herbacin kamille Original Hand Cream, our classic with proven triple action, soothes and nourishes hard-working hands with the healing powers of camomile. Glycerine moisturizes and repairs your skin, making it perceptibly softer and smoother, without leaving a greasy film. Silicone acts as an invisible glove and offers optimal defenses against daily environmental influences at work, at home, while working out or working in the garden. This product is a worldwide popular treatment to keep overworked, overstressed hands looking and feeling their best – all day, every day!

• nourishing, soothing and protecting
• absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy film
• one of the most popular hand creams on the market
• our SOS tip: overnight treatment in a cotton glove

Daytime Softness
Herbacin kamille Soft Hand Cream with its delightfully light texture is absorbed immediately and makes your hands incomparably soft and silky smooth again. Protective and moisturizing ingredients, such as vitamin E, vegetable glycerin and provitamin B5, keep the skin from drying out. In combination with the soothing agents of camomile, allantoin and sweet almond oil, with each application, your skin gets a perfect spa treatment.

• for soft and smooth hands
• extra gentle formula
• extracts of camomile and sweet almond oil
• intense moisturization
• with valuable vitamins
• leaves no annoying grease film

Sensitive Touch
Herbacin kamille Unscented Hand Cream is a moisturizing hand cream for protection and care, with triple action in an unscented, hypo-allergenic formula. It contains the valuable properties of natural camomile extract as well as plant-based glycerine and silicone to hydrate, smooth and protect rough, dry and chapped hands for a long time.

• contains camomile blossom extract
• no parabens
• no mineral oils
• no animal ingredients
• no synthetic colors

Hand and Nail Balm
Herbacin kamille Hand and Nail Balm with camomile extract, aloe vera and a vitamin complex is suitable for all skin types. This highly effective balm is the ideal complement to our Herbacin kamille Hand Cream and our Herbacin kamille Body Lotion. Rapidly absorbed, it strengthens skin, nails and nail bed in a delightfully gentle way. In a convenient dispenser for the nail salon or home use, it is the ideal product to beautify your nails.

• suitable for all skin types
• hydration control
• soothes, protects and rebalances the skin barrier
• strengthens the nails with regular application

All-Over Skin Firming & Protection
Herbacin kamille Skin Firming Body Lotion pampers stressed and tired skin with an improved formulation of regenerating argan oil, aloe vera, camomile extracts and skin-active vitamins A and E. The ideal skin protector against environmental factors of all kinds, it not only delivers intensive moisture for tighter and firmer skin, but also improves your skin’s elasticity. You will notice results within a few hours of application.

• for a perceptibly relaxed skin feel
• also ideal as after-sun lotion
• calming and soothing
• very mild formulation
• activates the skin’s own repair mechanisms
• protects skin cells against free radicals
• ideal for stressed and mature skin

Hence The Tension Has An End
Herbacin kamille Lip Balm puts an end to sore, chapped lips, offering gentle care and effective protection for our sensitive lip skin. Pure vegetable oils and the active ingredients of camomile from controlled organic farming help keep your lips perceptibly soft and smooth. Intensely moisturizing substances relax the skin and provide long-lasting protection from drying out. Be it in harsh weather. Or when kissing.

• free of preservatives
• free of chemical antioxidants
• plant-based materials from organic farming
• made of natural beeswax
• skin compatibility dermatologically approved
• also suitable for sensitive lips

Classic Herbacin Lip Balm with citrus flavor. Vegetable oils and waxes blended with natural extracts of ripe lime and ginger ensure natural lip care.

Classic Herbacin Lip Balm with the freshness of mint. Vegetable oils and
waxes blended with carefully distilled essential oils from fresh peppermint and
aromatic rosemary ensure natural lip care.

Herbacin kamille - Intensive Moisture

Defies Wind And Weather The Gentle Way.

Herbacin Intensive Moisture was designed specifically for the needs of sensitive skin and as a perfect year-round protection, without leaving a greasy feeling. A unique combination with active ingredients of vegetable glycerine and camomile blossom extract plus the intensively nourishing properties of aloe vera and vitamin E. Its “anti-weathering protection” formula stabilizes the skin structure and provides the skin with additional moisture. Intensive skin care as gently and naturally as possible.

For Sensitive Skin
Herbacin kamille Intensive Moisture
This mild cream provides moisture for particularly stressed areas of the skin, such as rough hands, elbows or knees. The combination of vitamin E plus vegetable glycerine protects the skin from drying out, improving its elasticity. Its “anti-weathering protection“ formula stabilizes the skin structure and provides the skin with additional moisture. It is suitable for anyone who needs to effectively protect the skin against aggressive environmental influences,
• extreme weather conditions (cold, wind and dryness)
• dry air from heating
• air conditioning

• daily protection in any climate condition
• gentle and natural skin care
• minimally fragranced
• skin compatibility dermatologically tested
• PEG-free formulation

Wellness Hand Cream

Hands Can Get Wrinkles Too… Keep Your Hands Looking Young.

Hands are often overlooked, but they can age us too! They are the most used and abused part of the body, constantly in and out of water, exposed to the elements and environmental stresses and, if not properly protected, will age before their time. All the more reason to show them some TLC with a rich hand care therapy to prevent skin from drying out and cracking. Our Herbacin Wellness Hand Cream counteracts daily stress and premature aging of the skin with intensive skin care and protection.

Award-Winning Lavender
Herbacin Hand Cream Lavender. Pamper your hands with lavender scent oil and plant-based glycerine for a sensation of well-being! This Herbacin Wellness hand cream smoothes dry, chapped hands with long-lasting hydration. With a gentle lavender fragrance, this award-winning hand cream combines powerful skin protection with intensive skin care and regenerative properties.

· paraben free
· contains no mineral oils
· contains no animal ingredients or by-products
· not tested on animals
· dermatologically tested

Gentle Wild Rose
Herbacin Hand Cream Wild Rose. Pamper your hands with natural fruit extracts of wild roses for a wonderful sensation of well-being. This Herbacin Wellness hand cream smoothes dry, chapped hands with long-lasting hydration. Herbacin Wellness Wild Rose Hand Cream combines powerful skin protection with intensive skin care and regenerative properties.

· paraben free
· contains no mineral oils
· contains no animal ingredients or by-products
· not tested on animals
· dermatologically tested

Foot Care

Step Out In Style.... Revitalizing Treatments For Legs And Feet.

Throughout our lives we put about 270 million steps behind us – i.e. about 160,000 kilometers. That means we could have circled the globe four times. Our poor feet take a beating every day, no matter what they are wearing! Taking care of your feet and legs has never been easier. Our comprehensive Herbacin Foot Care program features three perfectly coordinated natural products with advanced formulations to care for and pamper your feet and legs every day.

Relaxation For Legs
Herbacin Foot Care Leg Lotion offers instant stress relief and relaxation for tired legs. Natural avocado and almond oil combine with camomile blossom extract to hydrate, soothe and nourish the sensitive skin of your legs. To help improve circulation, the active ingredients of red vine leaves and horse chestnut strengthen the veins and enhance the blood flow in your legs. Carnosine and Vitamin E help bind free radicals to reinforce the cell membrane. Additionally, carnosine reduces the reaction between sugar molecules, collagen and elastin fibers to improve skin elasticity and delay its aging.

• camomile from controlled organic farming
• 100% paraben and mineral oil free
• without PEG’s
• no animal derived ingredients
• free of artificial colors
• also recommended for diabetics

At-Home Foot Massage
Herbacin Foot Care Foot Cream with camomile and urea provides ultimate moisturizing for sensitive and highly stressed feet. Natural oils of camomile extract, allantoin and panthenol soothe and regenerate the skin. Carnosine and Vitamin E bind free radicals to strengthen the cell membrane. Carnosine reduces the reaction between sugar molecules, collagen and elastin fibers, enhancing your skin’s elasticity and delaying its aging. Massaged daily into clean, dry skin, Herbacin Foot Care Cream also prevents cornea, calluses and cracks, keeping feet looking and feeling their best.

Cool It!
Herbacin Foot Care Cooling Gel is the perfect way to cool down hot feet and tired, heavy legs. With its cooling care complex of menthol, menthyl lactate and camphor, it not only ensures long-lasting, delightfully invigorating freshness, but its active ingredients of red vine leaves and horse chestnuts simultaneously strengthen and tone the veins, enhancing the blood flow in your legs. Our hydrating Herbacin Cooling Gel absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky film on your skin, while leaving your feet and legs feeling refreshed and revived.

Face Care

Why Should Your Skin Age Earlier Than You?

The Herbacin Face Care range was developed specifically for today’s woman – multi-faceted with different lifestyles, but one thing in common – looking for skin care products that will help prevent premature skin aging. Unlike men, women produce estrogens in their skin that help keep it plumped and supple. The skin-aging process begins in our mid-twenties, and in women, it is accelerated with decreasing estrogen levels, most notably during menopause. The effect is that skin retains less and less moisture, making it dryer and less smooth. It loses its elasticity and wrinkles become deeper and more visible. Our luxurious Herbacin Face Care series was designed to naturally and gently counteract the effects of skin aging. Beautiful skin begins with the best ingredients and a commitment to a daily regime, and it is never too early to begin.

Good Night
Herbacin Face Care Night Cream
Gentle skin care formula with almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter for a long-lasting soothing effect. Natural extracts of chamomile and lotus blossoms as well as ingredients of moth bean seeds (vigna aconitifolia) stimulate overnight cell renewal.

• no parabens
• no silicone oils
• no animal derived ingredients
• suitable for all skin types
• skin-neutral pH

Looking Good
Herbacin Face Care Day Cream
Perfectly balanced skin care with luxurious almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. Rich in naturally active moisturizing boosters, such as dex-panthenol, fucose biopolymer and the extract of the white lupine, this ultra-light day cream is suitable for all skin types.

Wake-up Tired Eyes
Herbacin Face Care Eye Cream
The ultimate wake-up call for crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. The double action complex with hyaluronic acid and carnosine promotes optimal hydration of the delicate skin around the eyes while increasing the skin’s elasticity.

• no parabens
• no silicone oils
• no animal derived ingredients
• suitable for all skin types
• skin-neutral pH

Defense Serum
Herbacin Face Care Anti-Age Serum
This well-balanced formulation contains the finest lipids of sweet almonds and shea nuts. An innovative bioactive complex gets a naturally moisturizing boost from the extract of white lupine and highly dosed hyaluronic acid. Combined with the anti-aging agent carnosine to help counteract premature skin aging, it is the best defense for skin of all types.

Wipe Off
Herbacin Face Care Two-Phase Make-up Remover
Gently removes makeup while giving your complexion a radiantly fresh look and feel. Sweet almond oil protects the natural hydrolipidic film, while vegetable glycerine plus natural extracts of aloe vera and ripe melons promote optimal skin hydration after cleansing.


For Men Who Want More!

Men’s skin has a thicker epidermis and ages at a much slower rate than women’s skin. It is also more prone to acne and skin irritations due to its higher sebaceous production, impurities and strong facial hair growth. The Herbacin Camouflage skin care program for men has been specially created to help men take care of their skin with no-fuss, no-nonsense products. A quick and easy way to clean, smooth and nourish skin with the finest botanical ingredients, Herbacin Camouflage is a fresh and healthy way to great skin. The natural and gentle formulations are perfect for all skin types, expertly created for men’s facial care and shaving needs.

Total Care
Herbacin Camouflage Moisturizing Face Balm
Protects, hydrates, and nourishes skin with almond oil, avocado oil, hyaluronic acid, carnosine and dex-panthenol. Total care for a man’s skin, this light cream gel with natural extracts of ripe dragon fruit and white lupine soothes and firms skin. Easily absorbed, it can be applied after shaving and can be used morning and night.

• no parabens
• no mineral oils
• no animal derived ingredients
• for all skin types

Close Shave
Herbacin Camouflage Speed Shaving Cream
Fast-track shaving cream for even the most challenging skin, our formula contains natural lipids of sweet almond and shea nuts, vitamin E, provitamin B5, organic camomile, aloe vera and allantoin. These ingredients combine to allow a close shave and protect against skin irritation.

Calm the Burn
Herbacin Camouflage After Shave Fluid sensitive
Our soothing skin care complex of allantoin, panthenol and witch hazel (hamamelis) is perfect for men with extra sensitive skin. The refreshing fluid with the anti-aging agent carnosine and natural melon extract promotes skin hydration.

Herbacin Camouflage Shower Gel for Body & Hair
This truly natural 2-in-1 shower gel offers everything a man needs: a refreshingly masculine fragrance plus a stimulating care complex of magnesium in addition to real ginger and melon extracts to reenergize skin.

Refreshingly Good
Herbacin Camouflage After Shave Lotion
Refreshing anti-aging lotion with allantoin, panthenol and witch hazel (hamamelis) accelerates the healing process of minor irritations, redness and fine cuts. Carnosine increases skin elasticity and counteracts premature skin aging.

• no parabens
• no mineral oils
• no animal derived ingredients
• for all skin types

Wake-up Call
Herbacin Camouflage Eye Roll-On
No more “morning-after” eyes, with this fragrance-free express care roll-on! Refreshes tired-looking eyes with a natural action complex of red vine leaves and Cecropia obtusa bark. Hyaluronic acid, carnosine and vitamin E also protect your natural skin texture.

Confident Performance
Herbacin Camouflage Eau de Toilette
Aromatic wooden scents of guaiacum, bay laurel and sandalwood make up the heart note of the Camouflage fragrance. Fruity aspects of grapefruit, lemon and melon join gentle ocean harmonies for the magic freshness of its top note. Vetiver and patchouli plus delicately aromatic oils of cardamom and black pepper round off this exquisite fragrance composition.