Since year 2005

Natural Potato Skin & Health Care Cream

Potatoes as a Skin Care?

When conducting research in old herbal books and popular medical writings, or when looking for “Grandma’s home remedies” the Potato comes up again and again as a means for skin complaints. Potatoes are believed to help with acne and suppuration, moisturizing of the skin and to aid in the anti-wrinkle effect. They are also believed to be effective against warts and to bring back elasticity in the skin. These effects cannot absolutely be explained. It likely has to do with the mineral composition, especially potassium, and also carbohydrates (polysaccharides), which impact the softening. We are aware of a similar effect from other plants, e.g., flax seed.

One thing is definitely clear: the effect comes from potatoes, not from the flowers and not from the herb. Therefore, it is important and appropriate that this means the potato juice and not the flowers, tincture or potato starch. The potato cannot be simply used as a cosmetic. The starch and protein content would tend to result in a kind of “mashed potatoes“, not very pleasant and appealing. The idea to combine potato juice with a natural cream base was gradually realized. It was possible to develop a great cream, which has excellent cosmetic properties and the effectiveness of the potato. There is endless feedback to confirm this. There are a lot of success stories, beyond what were expected. For example, this cream has been extremely effective in the case of strong scaly skin diseases, in very stressed and damaged skin, in healing aftershave redness and much more.

Potatoes as a Skin Care Agent?

But Yes! Potato juice, minerals and essential oils – these make up the whole secret of Santénatur potato cream with sensational, effective care for stressed hands, feet and body. The delicately scented, natural product makes skin soft, supple and simply beautiful!

From Home Remedies to a Skin Care Sensation

Potato juice for heartburn and sour belching and potato plaster against the cough in children are some of the popular home remedies using the versatile tuber out of the earth. However, now we offer potatoes in the skin care practice, available in the form of the Santénatur Potato Balm with sensational properties for damaged, dry and calloused skin, especially all hard skinned body parts, including feet and hands.

Application & Effects from Organic Potato Juice on the Skin

Potatoes provide energy, carbohydrates, protein and more vitamin C than any orange! Potato juice has a strong skin softening effect, even in severe and stubborn cases. This special extract is the base of emollients, which are moisturizing treatments applied directly to the skin that are often used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Potato juice is non-greasy and penetrates quickly into the skin. Potato juice in the body cream has shown sensational properties and effects on the skin. It helps to prevent and even removes damaged, dry and scaly skin, especially on body, hands and feet.

Skin, Hands & Feet

Potato Skin Cream

Softens, moisturizes and nurtures your skin. Ideal for treating calloused and cracked & damaged skin on hands and feet.

Santenatur skin, hands and feet potato cream is a unique SWISS. The combination of fresh, organic Swiss potato juice, essential oils and mineral cell salt substances make it unique for various applications and has shown to have strong effects.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Most natural raw materials
  • No vaseline, paraffin or paraben and no animal products
  • Does not contain urea or acids
  • No contents of synthetic preservation or perfumery
  • Unique combination of cell salts, aromatherapy and skin care
  • Rapidly absorbs into the skin, not greasy and is extremely economical in use.

The Multi-Application Cream:

  • Unisex and fresh, herbal fragrance
  • Immediately produces very soft and smooth skin
  • Softens and elasticizes the skin
  • Non greasy
  • Penetrates quickly into the skin
  • Good hygiene guaranteed
  • Protects against bacteria, viruses, fungi
  • Wonderfully fresh, herbal, natural unisex fragrance
  • Very economical in use (less then half from a similar cream)
  • Swiss Dermatological Tested / NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

How to Use:
For daily skin care, apply a thin layer of cream and rub in gently several times a day.

Chest and Back

Potato Balm Cold Time

for the Cold & Flu Time ``for easy breathing & relaxing sleep``

Natural Potato Balm Children & Adults

Chest and Back
Contains the Same Basis as the Santenatur “Potato Body Skin Care Cream” but also other essential oils like : Lavender, Tea Tree, Thyme and Star Anise. In Switzerland, the cream is mainly used during the cold or winter time. It is slightly warming and stimulates blood circulation.

Health Body Care
“Natural Potato Children Cream” contains neither petroleum distillates, paraben or paraffin, and the scent consists of natural essential oils. Does not irritate the skin, is non-greasy, penetrates quickly into the skin and is very economical in use. It is very well tolerated, even for infants and toddlers.

100% Natural

  • Without Content Ingredients like Camphor – Menthol or Eucalyptus Oils
  • Extremely Good Compatibility on the Skin for Sensitive People and Children.
  • Santenatur “Chest and Back” does not become Warm/Hot or Irritating to the Skin. Does not cause irritation to the respiratory tract or eyes.
  • Can also be used for Asthma, Bronchitis and Allergies.
  • Chest and Back is in the Nose and on the Skin much “Weak” Perceptible.

The natural help against a cold
Natural Potato Children Cream can also warms and gives care during the cold time. The smooth crème is absorbed quickly by the skin . The etheric oils support you through the cold and are made for all ages. You can use Natural Potato Children Cream in the chest and back area instead of the potato-to-use wrap. No risk of scalding, quick and easy, hygienic and clean.

Easy to Use:
Rub/ Massage Natural Potato Children Cream on the chest and back. For stronger effect , cover it up with a warm towel or tissue.
In Switzerland, this kind of natural home remedy has been practiced for hundreds of years against cold, flu and sore throat.