The Antibacterial Mask Liner is Effective for the Infectious Diseases by 99.9% – Made in KOREA

It blocks and suppresses the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and ticks that cause asthma, eczema, and rhinitis. Products with invisible bacteria and antibacterial functions can prevent the growth of mites and microorganisms to protect the health from bacteria.
This mask liner protects the respiratory system from particulate harmful substances and infectious agents by physical treatment to prevent bacteria from penetrating or growing.

Re-use of Mask
It has been found that when the mask is re-used, the performance is reduced by 1/3 when disinfecting or washing, and the filter is damaged. This disposable Antibacterial Mask Liner protects from infectious diseases 99.9% and decreasing its performance of your mask for re-use.

Fit to the Most of Mask
With the double-sided tape enclosed and pre-cut hole on both side make it fit to the most kind of mask.


  • Highly deodorizing Performance for almost any kind of odors
  • The world’s first, deodorizing and deodorizing Process. It has high -speed absorption and fast
  • High antibacterial properties
  • Various functionalities can be added by inclusion and sustaining functions of organic materials
    (Cool, Warm, Antibacterial, Anti-atopic, Aromatic etc.)
  • No degradation of material quality due to processing
  • No change in touch due to processing
  • The safest and most environmentally friendly processing without supplements
  • Anti-static and Anti-static effect


  • Do not touch the mask liner surface during and after wearing
  • Do not bend or deform the liner surface
  • Do not wash and use
  • Do not use if liner surface is contaminated
  • Even though product is useful for antibacterial (99.9%) and deodorization (formaldehyde, ammonia, etc.), it does not guarantee prevention of the disease or perspiration.

How to Use


Clean your hand, and attach the double-sided tape enclosed to the left and right ends of the mask pad.


Place the mask pad and attach to the inside of your mask.


Insert the mask strap into one of the pre-cut hole according to the size of your mask.


Make sure the mask liner is firmly attached to your mask when you wear.