Premium Transparent Sanitary Mask

Our transparent plastic cover protects against bacteria in saliva and dust. Two air vents sit at the bottom of the mask allowing easy air flow for breathing.

Various Customer Care Service Protection
Have a Conversation and Show Your Smile Too.
Good for schools, catering, food producers, department stores (supermarket, food court), franchises, restaurants, services, fast food stores, bakery shops, hospitals, drug stores, etc.

Benefits of Masclean

Made in KOREA

Anti-Fog + Anti-Bacterial Coated Transparent Cover
Never worry about bacteria or a mask over your mouth again. Our Anti-Bacterial covers lets your beautiful smile shine through without obstructing your breathing.

Made with Medical Grade Sponge & Soft Elastic Bands
Designed with comfort and safety in mind, our combination of medical grade sponge and soft elastic bands reduce irritation on the chin for a comfortable wearing experience all day long.

Smart & Ergonomic Design
Unlike disposable non-woven or cotton masks, MasClean can be used long-term, saving the environment and your wallet.

Marketing Effect on Customer Care
Customers will feel at ease knowing your company is taking the utmost precautions using Masclean products.

Why Masclean?

1. Anti-Fog + Anti-Bacterial Coating
2. Easy to Wash
3. Long Lasting (Interchangeable)

1. Easily Loses its Clearness
2. No Anti-Fog Coating
3. Less Durable

Saliva from sneeze can fly 6~8 feet
A single sneeze can send millions of saliva particles 6~8 feet at speeds of up to 100 mph. These airborne particles can carry a variety of diseases such as: colds, the flu, chickenpox, measles and many more.

Saliva Particle Protection
Now more than ever cleanliness and sanitation is a priority. Whether it’s in the food or medical industry, protection against viruses and diseases is of the utmost importance. Well-mask minimizes any risk of contagions during interaction using our Anti-Bacterial cover. Wearing Etiquette masks gives your valued customers the safety of mind that your business cares about them and their health.

What Makes Masclean Different?

The main difference between our product and Chinese products is the quality of material used especially in the anti-fog and anti-bacterial covers. All materials and production are made in South Korea with the utmost quality plastics manufactured by LG Chemical. While there are similar products claiming to be anti-bacterial or anti-fog from China there is a high possibility of harmful chemicals known as surfactants found in the plastic. Finally, you can work with confidence food poisoning causing bacteria such as Staphlococcus aureus and Escherichia coli will stay separate from whatever you are handling. Through a special process of heat treatment in the manufacturing process our masks last 6 months to 1 year with full guarantee of protection against harmful bacteria you just won’t get with traditional masks. Comfortable design by rounding the edge cover ensures Maclean won’t cut you with sharp edges, like our Chinese competitors. Lastly, Smart S has implemented an adjustable gear to take pressure off the ear, letting you wear it for longer without being tired. (Patent of Masclean)

Masclean Products

Simple Light S
Anti-Fog, Anti-Bacterial, Transparent Hygiene Mask
(Interchangeable Transparent Cover)

Well Mask
Anti-Fog, Anti-Bacterial, Transparent Hygiene Mask
(One Solid Piece)

Interchangeable Transparent Film

Unfasten the protection clip to remove the transparent cover and once the cover is replaced push it back into place until you here a click
(Simple Light S model only)

Interchangeable Medical Grade Sponge

Easily take out and replace when it’s become overused for the utmost comfort.

Scientifically Proved Antibacterial Effect

The lab test results show a 99.9% less bacterial activity with staphylococcus & Escherichia coli.

Our high functioning anti-fog and anti-bacterial masks are proven to combat some of the most common bacteria and viruses. Just wiping off the masks with flowing tap water is enough, a convenient cleaning experience anyone can do.

Staphylococcus Aureus Test
(General Badge / Anti-bacterial Badge)

Escherichia Coil Test
(General Badge / Anti-bacterial Badge)